Monday, January 16, 2017

The Iveys - Someday We'll Be Known (Demo Tape, 1968)

The Apple Records collection of rare Badfinger material I recently posted went over so big that I thought I'd put out this bootleg, which doesn't seem to be online anymore. It's a collection of pre-Badfinger demos from the days when they were calling themselves the Iveys.

There's almost nothing here that's mindblowing, but if you like this band it's interesting to hear what they were up to before they achieved recognition. The major standout is Pete Ham's "Man Without A Heart," a melancholy ballad with a haunting melody and lyrics that now come off as somewhat disturbing, considering what happened with Ham.

Other catchy tunes include "Turn On Your Lovin' Mood" and "The French Song (Sitting In A Taxi)" which are both by fired bassist Ron Griffiths. To my ears, these songs offer more evidence that Griffiths pop-rockers fit in better with the songs of Ham and Tom Evans than the more American-sounding numbers written by his replacement, Joey Molland. Perhaps if they'd kept Griffiths around their albums wouldn't have sounded as patchwork-ish, since Molland and Ham's songs often sat uncomfortably side-by-side, sounding like they were recorded by different bands.

Tom Evans' "The Leaves" seems like it had potential had it gotten beyond the basic demo/fragment stage. And is that a primitive drum machine I hear in the background on "The Leaves III?"

The concluding number, "For My Sympathy" -- also called "(Call On Me) For My Sympathy") -- was not originally part of this collection, but was tacked on by someone (not me). It's a pleasant enough Kinks-styled tune by Evans and Ham and is totally unrelated to the Joe Tansin song "Sympathy" from Badfinger's 1979 album Airwaves.

There was a longer version of this bootleg that concluded with mono mixes of Iveys songs that were released by Apple. But my version of this bootleg didn't come with them, probably because they eventually got released on various Apple reissue CDs and were removed from this set.
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Track list:
1. I Believe (Version 1)    
2. The French Song (On A Taxi)    
3. Harmonizing    
4. Spoken aka "I Hope You Win Something On Bingo..."    
5. Man Without A Heart    
6. The Girl Next Door In The Mini-Skirt    
7. Turn On Your Lovin' Mood    
8. It Takes So Long    
9. Unknown Instrumental    
10. Handsome Malcolm    
11. Hey Baby    
12. The Leaves I    
13. The Leaves II    
14. The Leaves III    
15. The Leaves IV    
16. The Leaves V    
17. The Leaves VI    
18. Mr. Strangeways    
19. I'll Kiss You Goodnight    
20. Sausage & Egg    
21. Handsome Malcolm    
22. Another Day    
23. I Believe (Version 2)    
24. Love Hurts    
25. For My Sympathy



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