Thursday, January 12, 2017

Reader Request - Seeking Traffic 45 Mixes (1969-74)

I'm putting together a collection of mixes and edits that were specific to the 45 records of the rock band Traffic. But I'm missing three of these that were released as promo singles, so I'm putting the word out to see if anyone out there has them. In keeping with the spirit of Traffic, I was thinking maybe this could be a collaborative process.

This idea came about when I realized that most of Traffic's single mixes from 1969 onward hadn't been included as bonus tracks on their CD reissues. Granted, the group's first two albums did include single mixes as bonus tracks, but after that, most have gone missing.

Some of the unique mixes/edits that I own include the unique U.S. 45 stereo remix of "Empty Pages," the mono British single mixes of "Medicated Goo"/"Shanghai Noodle Factory," and the variations of "Walking In The Wind" (the mono edit and the instrumental B-Side). Beyond that, I also have about ten more oddities I plan to include in this collection. Some are from 45s; others are oddities from out-of-print CDs.

Now here's where you come in. Below are listings for the three items I don't have. All are promo 45s that have a mono mix on one side and a stereo mix on the other. I assume someone out there has these. The missing 45s are:

  • "Glad (Part 1)." United Artists 50883 from 1971. Besides having a mono mix, this single also edits down the song from 7 minutes to 2:40. As far as I can tell, there was no regular (i.e. non-promo) release with "Glad (Part 2)" on the flip side so all that exists is the mono/stereo promo single. But I could be wrong. 
  • "Shoot Out At the Fantasy Factory." Island Records ILPS-9224 from 1973. Besides having a mono mix, this single has a 5:10 edit of the song, which runs around 6 minutes on the album.
  • "When the Eagle Flies." Asylum Records ‎E-45102-A from 1974. This is the only one of these three singles that doesn't edit down the song. But it still has a mono mix.

The last two seem especially rare. But I assume there are Traffic collectors and/or diehard Steve Winwood fans who have them. After all, there were dedicated Debbie Gibson collectors who contributed to the rarities sets I put together of her music. So it stands to reason that there would be Winwood diehards who read this blog, since he's been more successful for a much longer period of time.

If you send in a WAV file in relatively good condition, I can clean it up with the audio programs I have. I'm especially interested to find out what they did with the edit of the instrumental "Glad," which I hear used to be used as background music for weather reports on some AM radio stations in the '70s.

For those who bothered to read this to the end (or peruse this quirky post at all), there's a Winwood-related gift below.



  2. Thanks for the gift. I'm only sorry I can't help with your quest.

    1. You're welcome -- stayed tuned for the singles collection in a few weeks.

  3. Several copies of "Glad" are available on

  4. Hi, I never wrote a comment before on your great site but you do a wonderful job and make my long drive home everyday fun and enlightening. John B.

    1. Cool, thanks glad people are enjoying the tunes.

  5. Hi, I'm looking forward to your move to flac. 2017 looks like a great year, so happy new year!


  6. Just so you know there's two more rare tracks that you missed for this compilation. They are both alternate takes (not alternate mixes)

    1 - 'Feelin Alright' from the 1972 Dave Mason compilation album 'Scrapbook'
    2 - 'Utterly Simple' from the "Mulberry Bush" soundtrack album.