Sunday, January 15, 2017

Apple Records Extra - Mary Hopkin, Jackie Lomax (Disc Two, 2010)

Here's the second disc of the double CD of unreleased and rare music that came as part of the 17-CD box set Fresh From Apple Records. The first one, which I posted about a few days ago, featured a treasure trove of rare Badfinger/Iveys material. This one showcases rarities from Mary Hopkin and the late Jackie Lomax. Hopkin was one of Paul McCartney's Apple signees, while Lomax was a friend of George Harrison's.

Hopkin scored a major hit with "Those Were The Days" (#2 in the U.S. in 1968), so she re-recorded the single in various languages for various foreign markets, much like the Fab Four did with "She Loves You" and "I Want To Hold Your Hand." Four remixes of those re-recordings are here, as are two other foreign versions of her songs and a non-LP B-Side, "Jefferson."

The Lomax material includes the outtake "Going Back To Liverpool," which sounds like it features George Harrison on backing vocals. There are also three mono mixes from his album Is This What You Want?, and the stereo mix of his non-LP "New Day" single from 1969.

I wonder if Kimberly Rew of Katrina and the Waves saw the title "Going Back To Liverpool" on a bootleg or in a book and decided to write his own song around it. Whatever the case, it's Rew's song with this title and not the aforementioned Lomax song, that became an alternative radio staple for the Bangles in 1984. The Rew-Lomax connection might be coincidence but, then, more than one composer has been known to see a song title and use it to write their own song.

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Track list:
1. Mary Hopkin - Quelli Erano Giorni ('Those Were The Days' Sung In Italian / 2010 Remix)
2. Mary Hopkin - Que Tiempo Tan Feliz ('Those Were The Days' Sung In Spanish / 2010 Remix)
3. Mary Hopkin - An Jenam Tag ('Those Were The Days' Sung In German / 2010 Remix)
4. Mary Hopkin - Le Temps Des Fleurs ('Those Were The Days' Sung In French / 2010 Remix)
5. Mary Hopkin - Quand Je Te Regarde Vivre ('Let My Name Be Sorrow' Sung In French)
6. Mary Hopkin - Watashi Wo Kanashimi To Yonde ('Let My Name Be Sorrow' Sung In Japanese)
7. Mary Hopkin - Jefferson
8. Jackie Lomax - Going Back To Liverpool
9. Jackie Lomax - Sour Milk Sea (Mono Mix)
10. Jackie Lomax - The Eagle Laughs At You (Mono Mix)
11. Jackie Lomax - Little Yellow Pills (Mono Mix)
12. Jackie Lomax - New Day (Stereo Single Mix)



  2. Paul McCartney produced and also plays on Going Back to Liverpool, along with George Harrison. It's unclear if Ringo was on that session but he played on other tracks for the album. The song remained unreleased until the CD reissue in 1991. The other track from the session was a Coasters remake, Thumbin' a Ride, which was released as a B-side to New Day and How the Web Was Woven.

  3. Katrina and the Waves was managed by Beatle insider/friend/Apple Records Employee (and George Harrison's school chum) Tony Bramwell. Of course she heard it...