Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Apple Records Extra - Badfinger (Disc One, 2010)

This is the first disc of the double CD of unreleased and rare music that came as part of the 17-CD box set Fresh From Apple Records. The rest of the set was made up of reissues of vintage Apple titles by Badfinger, Mary Hopkin, James Taylor, Billy Preston, and others. Those albums are all relatively easy to find, but this because it only came with the box set. For Badfinger fans, its essential listening because of the amount of rare material on it.

I'm going to go on the assumption that anyone who reads this blog already knows who Badfinger is and also knows their tragic, depressing story. So I'm not going to repeat it here. What I will say is that the group had a pretty wide stylistic range as songwriters considering they're usually lumped in with the '70s power pop crowd.

Their early music as the Iveys is pretty credible popsike, while their later material is the stuff of classic songwriting, especially the oft-covered "Without You," which was penned by Pete Ham and Tom Evans. It's sadly ironic that this song would become a hit multiple times over after both Ham and Evans committed suicide.

This set contains twenty rarities. Most of them were unreleased on CD before and what's what is connoted by an asterisk (or two), which you can see below. The liner notes are minimal, so if you want more track details, go here. Titles that don't have asterisks came out on on the first CD reissues of Badfinger's albums which were released in the 1990s and have different bonus tracks than the ones that were released as part of this box set in 2010. Got that?

I'll be presenting the second disc of this set in a few days. But first I'm going to put out a few requests for the readers of this blog. I'll do this in the next post or two, and hopefully, everyone will be as helpful as they were when I raised questions about a Beatles' recording session date in my post about the song "Across the Universe."

Track list:
1. Dear Angie (Mono Mix)**
2. Think About The Good Times (Mono Mix)*
3. No Escaping Your Love (Mono Mix)**
4. Arthur (2010 Stereo Remix)*
5. Storm In A Teacup (Mono Mix)**
6. Yesterday Ain’t Coming Back (Mono Mix)*
7. Love Me Do (Instrumental Version)*
8. Get Down (Previously Unreleased Version)*
9. Money
10. Flying
11. Perfection
12. Suitcase (Censored Lyric Version)
13. Sweet Tuesday Morning*
14. Mean Mean Jemima
15. Loving You
16. Get Away (Previously Unreleased Version)*
17. When I Say (Previously Unreleased Version)*
18. The Winner (Previously Unreleased Version)*
19. I Can Love You (Previously Unreleased Version)*
20. Piano Red (Previously Unreleased Version)*

Tracks 1-6 by the Iveys
* Previously unreleased
** First time on CD/Digital release


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  2. Nice post. Great band. Many thanks.

  3. Many thanks for this rarity

  4. Badfinger/IV's certainly rule in my universe
    Speaking of rarities one surfaced that i find a true classic, almost Christmas-caroly in its message & atmosphere:
    John Forgot To Sing
    [my homage]

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  5. I love Badfinger, and will give a listen to anything they recorded. Great blog!!

  6. Hi I would greatly appreciate a link to your badfinger / Ivevys links.
    much appreciated